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Amador Valley Athletic Boosters hosting

Special Olympics Northern California Events 

This is the 19th year that the Amador Valley Athletic Boosters have hosted these Special Olympics Games.
We originally hosted these events to give our athletes at Amador Valley an opportunity to "give back" to the community.  Many other schools, churches a
nd community groups now participate.   
You'll find this is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying service opportunities in which you will participate.



March 4 , 2023


This is a 1 day event with about 50 teams on Sat,

at 3 locations (Amador Valley High School, Harvest Park and Pleasanton Middle Schools) on 11 courts. 

AGE Requirement: Volunteers must be High School age or older, unless with Parent or older sibling.  Families with younger children (under 12) can participate as Team Escorts which is fun for all ages.

CLICK for DETAILS about Volunteer Positions


For additional information about the Northern California Special Olympics, go to


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(By Sammy Sadler, AVHS)


  • You will receive a Volunteer T-Shirt

  • Check in half hour before your assignment for instructions.

  • Opening Ceremonies at 8:30 am in the Pleasanton Middle School Gym

  • Lunch provided for volunteers

  • Afternoon assignment: go directly to Gym you are assigned.  



  • Groups can register as Team Escorts and be together with the same team, up to 5-6 people and are ALL Day Assignments.

  • Scorekeepers work in groups of 4 only

  • Lunch groups are up to 8 at each location.

  • SKILLS Competition - Total of 30 volunteers

  • Each individual or family must register separately. NO GROUP REGISTRATIONS.

NOTE: Special Olympics has liability insurance coverage for all volunteers including Medical.


   AV = Amador Valley High School (1155 Santa Rita Rd, Pleasanton)

   HP = Harvest Park Middle School (4900 Valley Ave, Pleasanton)

   PMS = Pleasanton Middle School (5001 Case Ave, Pleasanton)

Opening Ceremonies will be at Harvest Park at 8:30am 

All Team Escorts and morning volunteers should register by 8am & there to attend.

You may volunteer in the following 3 areas:

VOLUNTEER POSITIONS - Help run the games and tournament

TEAM ESCORTS - Assist the teams and coaches, works most closely with the atahletes

REFEREES - Referee the games, must have experience

Click on the HEADING below to register for the area you would like to volunteer.


All of these positions except setup are at all three locations.

1. SET UP -  6:45am to 9am at Harvest Park

2. Skills Competition -  (8:30am to noon) 

3. Registration -   7:30am to 1pm 

4. Lunch -  10:30am-2pm (3 locations) 

5. Scorekeeping - HIGH SCHOOL AGE & UP

         Must know Basketball rules. 

        Scorekeeping experience.

    All Day - Sign up for both AM & PM

    AM only - 8am to noon

    PM only - 11:30 to 3pm

Note: A few championship games may go longer than 3pm

6. MEDICAL - (All Day, AM or PM)

    (must be certified EMT, Doctor or Nurse with current license) 

Please email:

Team Escorts

(More Teams will be added shortly, as teams are registered for the tourney)

This is an ALL DAY assignment 

(from 8:30am to 2-3pm, (or when the team finishes, a few teams may go longer if they

are playing for the championship)

  • Good for Families w/small children, Groups of 3 to 4 friends. mother-daughters,

  • You'll work closely with the teams & athletes by helping, supporting & cheering, assist the coaches, help teams during their warmup.

  • Make a poster for the team and lead them into the Opening Ceremonies

  •  You'll get your team name about a week prior to the event.



Must have referee experience

   High School & older only

      All Day - 8:30am to about 3pm

      AM only - 8:30am to 12:30pm

      PM only - 11:30am to about 3pm

Note: A few championship games may go longer than 3pm.


  • Please state your experience when registering and if you want to work with a friend. 

  • You will be notified a week prior to the tournament of your court assignment.


Saturday, Date in May TBD


It will be open the beginning of April


This is a one day event at AVHS.  Track is on the field and Volleyball in the gyms.  Opening Ceremonies is at the track at 9am, events go until approximately 4pm.

 Volunteers can help for the full day or half day shifts.

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