Saturday, May 11, 2019

At Amador Valley High School

Sponsored by the AVHS Athletic Boosters

. Minimum age is high school, younger children may volunteer if with a parent or older sibling. 

. Team Escorts is a great spot for families with small children.

. Volunteers can help for Full or Half day shifts.

Watch a great VIDEO

of the Basketball Tournament.

held in March 2016  


Sammy Sadler, AVHS

2014 BB Tournament

CLICK to stop & Enlarge


  • Select a Time and Position to Volunteer

  • Complete the Volunteer Registration Form

  • You will receive a Volunteer T-Shirt

  • Opening Ceremonies will be at 8:30 am 

  • Lunch will be provided for volunteers

  • Snack Bar is available (all profits to Spec.Olym.)

  • Team Escorts check in by 8am, find your team and lead them into Opening Ceremonies.  Help the coach and assist and encourage the athletes.

  • Please indicate if you'd like to be team escorts for Track or Volleyball.



Setup - 7am - 8:30am 

Lunch 10:30-2pm  (Need 2 more)

Snack Bar: (FULL)

MEDICAL: All Day, AM or PM

(must be Doctor, Nurse or EMT)

Registration: (FULL) 7:30am to  1pm


-VB Referees FULL  (Must be experienced)

-VB Scorekeepers (FULL)

    (Must know rules)

-VB Line Judges (FULL) 

    (Must be experienced)

-VB Team Escorts  (FULL 8:30am to  2pm)


All Day: 8:30am to 2pm

Since VB should end by 2 pm at the latest, all VB volunteers should plan on staying until then.



6:15am Setup

8:00am Volunteer Check-In Begins

8:30am Opening ceremonies on the track

9:30am Track and Volleyball events begin

11:00am to 1pm Lunch is provided

4:00pm - Final events completed

<<<<<<<<< TO REGISTER >>>>>>>>>

Complete the Registration / Consent Form

. A separate form is REQUIRED for each ADULT or Child if no parent.

. Include minor children (ages 1-17) on a parent's form. 

. Request the volunteer position, & time (all day or AM/PM)

. NO GROUP requests (each person must complete a Registration form)

. To work with a group or friends, enter them in the "Requests" field,

  you'll be placed together as much as possible.


 ***CLICK HERE for the Registration/Consent form***

Please email completed form to:

   with Subject:  Volunteer Registration for (your name)

  (OR)  mail to: Ken Mano, 4526 Mohr Ave, Pleasanton, 94566.

You'll receive confirmation within 1-3 days, with your assignment.

        if you don't hear back, email:

or phone Ken Mano, 925-846-4381




AM Only: 8:30am to noon (ALL FULL)

PM Only: 11:30am to 4pm

All Day: 8am to 3-4pm (No more all day, since mornings are Full)

Track Team Escorts:(All Day to about 3pm) Assist coach, help & encourage athletes (can take a few for AM only, if you can't do PM)

- Awards: (PM only, AM is Full) 

Assist in recording and presenting awards

-Field Events Staging:(PM only, AM is full)

Register & assist athletes to their events 

- Track Staging: (PM only, AM is full)

Register & assist athletes to their events

-Finish Line Escorts: (PM only AM is FULL) Assist Athletes from track to Awards Area

-Gate Monitors: FULL (All Day, AM or PM)

Only allow access to athletes and others authorized. (For adults - kinda boring)

-Timers: (FULL) (All Day only), timing races

-Track Runners: (FULL

Take Heat sheets to the finish lin. 

- Field Events:   (FULL) Help run Field Events


TEAM SIGNS       (Samples)